Emily Pilloton’s Design Process

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Let’s face it. Education is important as hell.

Enter Emily Pilloton and Project H. They are eager to bring design education to kids in Bertie County, North Carolina. These guys are amazing, and they work on some really cool projects that can be seen on their flickr photostream, here. My mother is a teacher. So, when I see creatives working on something that not only challenges the current educational paradigm and empowers design, I get a little excited.

Project H's Design Process

Emily Pilloton’s Design Process is not playing around.

Emily Pilloton, is a designer, a teacher, and an engineer. She is hell-bent on changing education in the U.S. and abroad. Her weapon of choice, the iterative process. Her vision, has helped children understand problem solving is highly important. It has effectively, benefitted the kids, and the surrounding town of Bertie as well.

Re-designing a school system can be troublesome. Working in tandem with a avant-garde superintendent, and a dying town set on revamping itself. They set their goals on four simple words:

  1. Humanity
  2. Habitats
  3. Health
  4. Happiness

Students work on developing ideas revolving around these four pillars to improve the town and schools while learning everyday mathematics, reading skills, etc. Not surprisingly, the curriculum hinges on the final examination. Which typically involves re-appropriating an old building, or building a more effective chicken coop design.

For more information head over to Project H

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