Learn Enough (JS) to be Dangerous

Micheal Hartl has some of the most comprehensive tutorials I've ever read. I've purchased his Rails tutorial ebooks in the past and really enjoyed getting a basic grasp on how the nuts and bolts work in Rails. He has a wonderful writing style, that won't make you feel stupid — he challenges you to question methods and offers a breadth of approaches to solving the same problem. Briefly looking over his Javascript course — I can tell this one is going to be a hit too.

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Ruby and Javascript obviously differ. But because Javascript continues to grow in scope and evolve at an alarmingly-fast rate, many entry level developers are struggling to keep pace. The far-reaching uses of Javascript seem to be boundless today, as evident by inventions such as (in no particular order), jQuery, Electron Apps, React, and of course Node.

From the introduction:

Unlike most JavaScript tutorials, we’ll be treating JavaScript as a general-purpose programming language right from the start, so our examples won’t be confined to the browser. The result is a practical narrative introduction to JavaScript—a perfect complement to both in-browser coding tutorials and the voluminous but hard-to-navigate JavaScript reference material on the Web.

You won’t learn everything there is to know about JavaScript—that would take thousands of pages and centuries of effort—but you will learn enough JavaScript to be dangerous

Hartl offers a comprehensive primer right from the get-go. If you're a novice in web development, and/or want to broaden your Javascript horizons, this tutorial is for you.

It should be noted, he has no shortage of other courses to choose from as well. CSS, the command line, and HTML are all fine subjects for entry level developers as well. 

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