About Me

Howdy! I help startups, agencies, and friends of the web connect with users. Currently working as a Front-end Engineer at Vimeo.

Looks like you want to know more about me, huh? Well, you’re in the right place. My name is Stephen.

I’m an Interdisciplinary Designer and Front-end Developer who believes in the power of the web, teamwork, open source software, problem solving and coffee. I’m a graduate from The University of North Texas where I studied Interdisciplinary Art & Design, Computer Sciences and Marketing.

I regularly contribute to open-source projects on Github in my free-time. You can follow my rants and tweets on Twitter. And, I enjoy blogging about everything under the sun — right here on this blog. I’m passionate about growth strategies, React & JavaScript, effective UI Design, and enjoy creating interfaces on the web.

I’m currently living in New York City, making neato-bandito, high-quality, spiffy, newfangled web things for Vimeo as a Front-end Developer.

Photo by Kyle Barber.

Oh hello again!

Didn’t realize you were still here! You must really want to know more about me huh? Well if that’s the case, you can always email me or join my email list to keep in touch. If you’re unsure what do next, checkout the hot and spicy blog.