• Sketch Will Buy Figma

    Sketch Will Buy Figma

    Chaker Bejaoui, writing for Prototypr: The ecosystem that Sketch has built around it is impressive. If you put Sketch together with Craft, InVision and Zeplin, the package suddenly becomes very competitive and attractive. You can go from designing, prototyping, to testing and shipping the ideas. And if on top of that you add simultaneous collaboration, […]

  • How to Embed Your Unsplash Photos in WordPress

    Take ownership of you photos at Unsplash. Host em on your WordPress!

  • E-mail is the Biggest Social Network

    E-mail is making a come-back apparently. Inside, claims that their e-mail newsletter network is growing at a break-neck rate. With open-rates just above 40%, and click-through-rates at 10% — it's something to ponder. There will be 4.1 billion e-mail users by 2020. For scale, compare that to Facebook's active users count: 2 billion. I believe […]

  • Web Design and The Z-Layout

    Web Design and The Z-Layout

    Introduction The state of Web Design continues to evolve every single day. It has always been in a constant state of flux — pretty much since the iPhone was released in 2007. The iPhone was a doozy, because it forced developers and designers to find workarounds with Flash. Steve and Apple were not intent on […]

  • MVPs Are The Hair of the Dog

    There’s been an article floating around the web lately, maybe you’ve seen it. It’s time to talk about MVPs. WP Engine dissects a lot of the problems with MVPs. I have to agree overall, too often do you see entrepreneurs rushing their products only to fail disastrously. However, MVPs don’t suck. Entrepreneurs are just becoming […]

  • iOS 11 Strips AMP Cruft from URLs Via the Sharesheet

    Good on Apple 👍

  • On Snapchat

    On Snapchat

    I have always hated Snapchat. That much is certain. I decided to pen some thoughts about Snapchat after reading a post by Scott Galloway. Mostly, this is about the users. Not so much about Snap Inc. However, back in 2013 I thought it was a pretty addicting, innovative, neat social network. It’s obvious that there […]

  • The Most Effective Way to Avoid the FOUC

    Tl;dr unless you’re running a SPA, working with JavaScript and HTML is going to be an uphill battle avoiding the FOUC.

  • How to Add Advanced Custom Fields to AMP by Automattic

    Yikes, this was painful. I feel like AMP pages are just not worth their salt.

  • Apple’s Strategy to Remove the Keyboard

    Last Updated: September 17, 2018 MacBook with a mechanical Keyboard and a multi touch Trackpad MacBook with Touch Bar and mechanical Keyboard, and a multi-touch Trackpad  MacBook with Touch Bar and solid state Keyboard Keys (not unlike the iPhone 7 home button), and a multi-touch Trackpad MacBook with a full-screen transmutable touchscreen Keyboard (you heard me), and […]