• Chill Out on the Bullet Points

    Don’t use bullet points to convey your message. Use bullet points to enhance your message. Let’s look at some terrible examples. How about some examples of an effective use of bullet points? I actually had a hard time finding some decent examples. Edward Tufte tells us that in web design unordered, ordered or numbered lists “[…] should be distributed […]

  • Have you read this? Wow that is amazing. I’m shocked to see such a large percentage, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Because, simply put jobs can be boring. Are we seeing the dead-cat bounce of America job satisfaction? As the last tenured career prospectors of yore begin to retire or die, are more and more jobs moving into the […]

  • WordPress Local Development on OS X with Trellis and Bedrock

    A heads up, this tut is out of date. Keeping around for posterity.

  • Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

    Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

    Recently I was asked, “Stephen are you a web designer, or a web developer?” Wait a minute. I have to choose? I can’t do a little bit of both? What are you implying? There was a lot of questions. The problem in corporate workspaces is mainly flexibility. And by flexibility I mean transmutability. Older, deep-rooted conservative organizations prefer […]

  • Long-distance relationships are hard. They get easier with shared goals and lots of patience.

  • Failures can be painful, but sometimes they can be illuminating and valuable.

  • A Familiar Face Returns to Twitter

    When Standard Oil began vertically and horizontally integrating sections of industry into its’ grasp, people got pretty upset. Ultimately, it led to The Department of Justice suing the company in 1911 under federal law and allegations of anti-trust. The Rockefeller’s vision for the planet, was bleak and self-serving. Apparently, vertically and horizontally integrating businesses can […]

  • Intro to Modern WordPress with Trellis, Sage and Bedrock

    Develop WordPress sites like a champion.