• Recently, I upgraded my site from Gatsby to Next.js. Personally, I wanted to see what kind of lift that would look like. It wasn’t too bad. My only problem with Gatsby so far has been how opinionated it all is. I spent way too much time configuring settings and plugins and fell into the weeds. […]

  • To read, is to evolve

    I’m not a speed-reader. I would say, I struggle to read more than 5 books a year. I buy more books than I’m able to read. That’s not a problem per se, just a matter of fact. Maybe one day I will get through all the books on my shelf. I wish I had the […]

  • According to The Origins of Herman Miller’s Modes of Work there’s two classes of work available to us. I believe these still apply even as most of us work in distributed teams these days. They may seem obvious: Alone Chat Converse Co-Create Divide & Conquer Huddle Show & Tell Warm Up, Cool Down Together Process […]

  • Murmurations over Lough Ennell

    A great photo essay, but good lord — the cover photo is breathtaking if not shocking. Which, by the way is not a doctored photo. In fact, there’s a video that captures the moment exactly as it happened.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never and Oism

    I’m a big Oneohtrix Point Never fan. Those who know me well, know that. Now, you dear reader, know this about me as well. Welcome to the inner circle. I was listening to Age Of the other day, and it stuck me that cover art is really something else. It really drew me in to […]

  • From the 2015 video description: The Rescued Film Project discovers and processes 31 rolls of film shot by an American WWII soldier over 70 years ago. Incredibly, The Rescued Film Project still operates to this day. Remarkable non-profit organization. Consider donating to their cause if you can!

  • Measurable climate change has slowly been affecting the coastlines of the Americas for several years now. That’s no secret of course. Rising coastlines, ravaging seas, devastating hurricanes, and superstorms have been battering coastal cities and don’t seem to be letting up. Even, tourist island havens have been completely wiped off the Earth. It doesn’t end […]

  • If you have been living under a rock, Texas recently had a historic snowstorm system decimate its poorly regulated infrastructure. It’s estimated that millions of Texans had pipes bursts, flooding, and countless more experienced blackouts for more than 48 hours. Some regions experienced below 0º conditions. Devastating as it was, I was entranced to see […]

  • McDonald’s Minimal Global Packaging Redesign Explained

    Brands tend to reduce their footprint and minimize messaging after substantial growth. That’s not a maxim, or anything. Just an observation. Google, AirBnb, Slack and IBM — are a few that come to mind. But there are hundreds of examples out there. Tech companies have it easy, because their product is imbued with their digital […]