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  • According to The Origins of Herman Miller’s Modes of Work there’s two classes of work available to us. I believe these still apply even as most of us work in distributed teams these days. They may seem obvious: Alone Chat Converse Co-Create Divide & Conquer Huddle Show & Tell Warm Up, Cool Down Together Process […]

  • McDonald’s Minimal Global Packaging Redesign Explained

    Brands tend to reduce their footprint and minimize messaging after substantial growth. That’s not a maxim, or anything. Just an observation. Google, AirBnb, Slack and IBM — are a few that come to mind. But there are hundreds of examples out there. Tech companies have it easy, because their product is imbued with their digital […]

  • 13 Months, 28 days

    Calendars and time-keeping, is what makes or breaks civilizations. It’s no mistake that the Julian and Gregorian calendar varieties carry their Caesarian namespace. Managing how we catalog time is a pretty political, financially-motivated and generally sensitive topic. We don’t like change. It’s human nature to resist change. It takes serious inertia to introduce new (let […]

  • ByteDance in talks to sell TikTok to Microsoft

    But, the mating ritual is on hold until there’s word from The White House.

  • Will Netflix survive the streaming wars?

    As Disney+, Peacock and others continue to suck up all the SVOD oxygen, will the prodigal son, Netflix survive?

  • Tesla raises $2B in secondary offering at $767 a share

    Tesla will sell over 2M million shares at that price — a 4.6% discount on last weeks closing price.

  • Foxconn’s production continues to be recalled as Coronavirus takes hold

    Foxconn and the rest of Shenzhen is in serious trouble.

  • BlackRock will divest from fossil fuel industries — CEO letter to investors states ‘climate risk is investment risk’

    Larry Fink’s annual letter to investors, he recommends divesting from fossil fuel producing industries and confronting climate change.

  • Drought-stricken Queensland struggles as a Chinese company moves in to bottle its water

    Marc Bain writes at Quartz: Drought has been a chronic issue in southeastern Australia for years. In regions such as southern Queensland, months can pass without rain. Local communities have to ration water or risk running out. Yet a company owned by Chinese investors based in Brisbane still got approved last week to run a commercial water-mining operation in the area. […]

  • Travis Kalanick Sells Remaining Uber Shares, Leaving Board

    After selling more than $2B of his shares, Travis Kalanick has severed his final ties to Uber. The New York Times reports: Travis Kalanick, the founder and former chief executive of Uber, has stepped down from the company’s board of directors, severing his last tie with the company.  Mr. Kalanick, 43, started the Uber in […]