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  • Metropolitan Cats

    Metropolitan Cats

    Over 1,000 years of cats in art.

  • Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving star in Guns Akimbo

    A guns-blazing, non-stop action shoot-em-up action comedy from Jason Lei Howden.

  • John Krasinski breaking character on The Office

    The Office was pure gold. The Jim Halpert and Michael Scott characters were the unstoppable dyads in the series. Behind the scenes, when the comedy dam breaks, John Krasinski’s laughter is contagious as the flu. I love hearing Steve Carell completely lose it over Krasinski’s wincing high-pitched giggles and his explosive belly laughter explode like […]

  • Micronations


    Very few micronations exist. Microsnations, by definition are self-proclaimed (and often unrecognized countries). Only about 67 exist, as of writing according to research from Quartz. My favorite tid-bit from Quartz’s research is the micronation Zaqistan, which is located in Utah. If you’ve ever been to Utah, you know how comical this is. There is, and […]