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  • Mondo releases an Original MSX2 Metal Gear Video Game Soundtrack 10″

    Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Original Artwork by Paul Mann. Stealthy.

  • Microsoft Announces New Next-gen Console, Xbox Series X

    Pretty big announcement from Microsoft happened yesterday. Tom Warren for The Verge reports: Microsoft has been working on Xbox Series X under the name Project Scarlett previously, and today’s naming follows confirmation from Sony that it’s choosing PlayStation 5 for the name of its next console. Microsoft is also claiming Xbox Series X will be the “fastest” and […]

  • Arcade Game Typography

    Arcade Game Typography

    I have nothing but praise for those who study niche topics like these. Toshi Omagari of MonoType, studied typography at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. He’s worked alongside big brands like H&M, and he’s previously contributed to Google Noto, and more notably introduced Tibetan Script support to Google Noto which is spectacular work. He helped […]

  • PlayStation Turns 25

    PlayStation Turns 25

    The single largest innovator in the video gaming space just turned 25 year old today. Before the PlayStation came around, controllers were bulky, console felt like outcasts in your entertainment center. Joysticks felt clumsy, games were mainly sold in cartridges. Sony brought a whole new edge to the at-home entertainment system market. From The Verge: […]

  • From Andy McNamara, Editor-in-Chief at Game Informer: Yesterday, as part of a GameStop restructuring plan, our parent company eliminated the positions of about 120 employees across its various offices. We lost seven members of our team – our cohorts, compatriots, and friends. They shaped us and made us who we are today, just like every […]

  • Valve has Acquired Campo Santo

    In a seemingly odd turn of events, Valve has acquired Campo Santo. The creative brains behind the insanely popular and wildly fun game, Firewatch clearly have caught the eye of Valve. While I’m happy for everyone involved — as a gamer, I’m very concerned. Firewatch is a fucking fantastic game. It was co-produced by Panic (creator of Transmit, […]