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  • Middle Earth

    You ever wonder why Middle-earth was called Middle-earth? Tolkien drew inspiration from tons of places. Buddhism? Check. Judaism? Check. Norse mythology. You betcha. Nordic tales had the “land of men” at the center of it all. Of course, in this context, it was really more akin to a racial homeland. Never the less, the Nordic […]

  • Foxconn’s production continues to be recalled as Coronavirus takes hold

    Foxconn and the rest of Shenzhen is in serious trouble.

  • Why is the Coronavirus called COVID-19?

    Turns out that a formal name designation really matters when fighting an epidemic.

  • Oslo, Norway had a single road-related death in 2019

    Perhaps 2020 will be the year of no road-related deaths in Oslo

  • Lab-grown Meats will be the future

    Chase Purdy at Quartz writes: On Oct. 7, it was announced that astronauts on the International Space Station had successfully grown their own meat from microscopic animal cells, using a process called cell-culturing. The bit of cow muscle they produced was small, but it was a historic accomplishment nonetheless. The ISS project was part of a joint venture […]

  • Can Bee Venom Treat Lyme Disease?

    Katy Vine for Texas Monthly writes: Perhaps, instead of destroying the bacteria directly, the venom’s effect is indirect, kick-starting the immune system. Bee venom studies have shown promise in combating symptoms for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. According to Justin Schmidt, an insect venom expert at the Southwestern Biological Institute, in […]