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  • LA Metro Says TAP Transit Cards May Support Apple Pay Later This Year

    According to this official tweet from LA Metro: It’s happening! It’s long been known that LA Metro has been working on upgrading its TAP system, and it’s about time. Contactless payments are clearly the future. New York City has had it for nearly a year (although, not all 472 stations support it yet). I wonder […]

  • Check out the Nordic island that has its own little cloud

    A beautiful Nordic island has a penchant for Lenticular cloud formations.

  • Chinese tourists are allegedly being recruited to spy on the US

    Chinese tourists are being recruited by the Chinese PLA to bring back sensitive military gear, a violation of international arms trafficking regulations.

  • Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Executive Editor at Vox, Mercedes Kraus, penned a travel guide for would-be visitors to Marfa. Marfa is located in West Texas. Heck, even the Simpsons visited Prada Marfa: Texas, is well known for many things. A couple of venerable and memorable characters from Texas’s past include Sam Houston and Lyndon B. Johnson. A few of […]

  • Word on the Water, a Floating Bookshop in London Kings Cross, Regent’s Canal

    The whole idea of a floating bookstore is just so quaint and charming. The interior of Word on the Water is probably exactly what you are imagining. Bobbing up-and-down in London, England at Regent’s Canal, is the utterly unique Word on the Water bookshop. It’s has cozy corners, thick carpets and a complimentary hardwood interior. […]

  • Micronations


    Very few micronations exist. Microsnations, by definition are self-proclaimed (and often unrecognized countries). Only about 67 exist, as of writing according to research from Quartz. My favorite tid-bit from Quartz’s research is the micronation Zaqistan, which is located in Utah. If you’ve ever been to Utah, you know how comical this is. There is, and […]

  • The New York City Subway Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before

    I love interactive stories like these. This story, was written by Antonio de Luca and Sasha Portis at the New York Times. It begins here: In 1979, responding to complaints from riders that the subway map was difficult to use, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority hired the Manhattan design firm Michael Hertz and Associates to create […]

  • Just unbelievably beautiful.

  • Amie Tsang for the New York Times: Southwest, reporting second-quarter earnings, said that as a result of the troubled jet’s grounding, its passenger numbers had declined, its costs had increased and it had lost an estimated $175 million in profit. Operating income for the second quarter was $968 million, $4 million less than the same […]

  • A Catalog of Public Agencies Graphic Design, Public — Archive

    Digitally preserving public works graphic design.