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  • Why does bluetooth audio have to be this difficult 🥴

  • I’ve found myself using localStorage more and more these days. Turns out there’s a fancy hook for that. Not surprised! But where’s the love for TypeScript? Turns out, Anders has done the refactoring for us:

  • Next.js is super duper dope. Versatile. Fast. Easy to understand and a dead-simple configuration. What’s not to love? Out-of-the-box, it seems to just work. Pair it with GraphQL and it’s game over. Nothing seems to compare so far in my testing. My one problem so far, has been FOUC with styled-components. Truly a horrible issue. […]

  • First-in-class publishing CMS coupled with isomorphic rendered React. Pure bliss.

  • Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Curbed Marfa Travel Guide

    Executive Editor at Vox, Mercedes Kraus, penned a travel guide for would-be visitors to Marfa. Marfa is located in West Texas. Heck, even the Simpsons visited Prada Marfa: Texas, is well known for many things. A couple of venerable and memorable characters from Texas’s past include Sam Houston and Lyndon B. Johnson. A few of […]

  • Love a good one-liner.

  • The easy, fast, and safe way.

  • More git tricks.

  • Uncommitted work? Tsk tsk.

  • The Palm Leaf Grasshopper

    The Palm Leaf Grasshopper

    I thought this was pretty cool! This is a palm leaf grasshopper! There’s much discussion in the Reddit thread about the material, origin, and proper Japanese nomenclature. Typical and to be expected of any high-quality Reddit post honestly — however, one user in particular commented a web archive link to something extraordinary. An old, MS-painted tutorial on […]