FlashCards App

At the start of 2019, I began learning Swift. Apple’s preferred programming language for macOS and iOS. It’s open-source, popular, type-safe, and is pretty well documented. It’s been challenging, and fun to learn something new.

Then, at some point I decided to start learning Spanish as a second language. Which, is perhaps a bit more challenging than picking up a programming language. Like millions of others out there, I picked up Duolingo. Duolingo is great! But, Duolingo no longer offers a “flashcards app” for passive learning. They shuttered their really great Tinycards app in mid-2020 🙁

So, I decided to build my own flashcard app for studying and reinforcement! Let’s just say it’s been a whirlwind learning Swift and Swift UI 😅 I’ll have more to share as I get closer to a solid launch date, but for now I’m shooting for Fall 2021.

Until then, visit tryflashcards.com and subscribe for updates →