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  • Trump Administration Drops Plan to Strip Visas From Foreign Students in Online Classes Amidst Lawsuits

    Multiple lawsuits have put pressure on the racist Trump Administration to change their ad hoc policy on US Visas during the pandemic

  • Every Two Weeks, a Language Dies

    Nina Strochlic at National Geographic writes: Between 1950 and 2010, 230 languages went extinct, according to the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger. Today, a third of the world’s languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers left. Every two weeks a language dies with its last speaker, 50 to 90 percent of them are predicted to disappear by the next century. […]

  • The Guardian: He told local radio: “We have to drive the devil out of Buenaventura, to see if we can restore the peace and tranquility that our city has lost due to so many crimes, acts of corruption and with so much evil and drug trafficking that invades our port. “We want to go around […]

  • Caitlin Dickerson and Zolan Kanno-Youngs for the New York Times reports: Mr. Morgan then directly lobbied Mr. Trump to move forward with the raids. He is now the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, another arm of the Department of Homeland Security. In a tense meeting with White House officials on June 21, two days before […]

  • Ross Perot Has Died

    From The New York Times: He began working at 7, selling garden seeds door to door and later breaking horses (and his nose) for his father at a dollar a head. When he was 12, he began delivering The Texarkana Gazette on horseback in poor neighborhoods, soliciting subscriptions and building his route from scratch for […]

  • The Unites States of GDP

    The Unites States of GDP

    If the state of California were an independent country, it would have the fifth largest economy in the world, according to a fascinating report by The Economist that looks at both that state and Texas as the harbingers of two alternative futures for the United States. That got us thinking – how do the economies of the individual […]

  • Dallas City Hall Beach Party, 1984

    From D Magazine: Since I.M. Pei’s upside-down cake of a modernist building first opened in 1978, people have complained about Dallas City Hall. Much of the decades-long jeremiad has centered on the vast, mostly useless—or, at least, underutilized—expanse in front of the building. The 6-acre plaza was part of Pei’s design, even though it’s more […]

  • The Center for American Politics and Design

    From their about page: The Center for American Politics and Design (CAPD) is a research group investigating the graphic vernacular of American politics. The first of its kind, this collection consists of every campaign logo† from the 2018 election for United States Congress. The archive is a tool to explore trends and typologies that reveal […]

  • Surprise, iPhone X Sales Beats Expectations

    The rumors were bullshit all along. The iPhone X is selling quite well. China and Japan are seeing positive figures as well.

  • T-Mobile and Sprint to Merge

    From the AP: T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere will head the merger and the company, which will be named T-Mobile. In a video announcement posted on Twitter, Legere said the new company will “create robust competition and lower prices across wireless, video and broadband” and lead the way to 5G technology. […] Sprint has a […]