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  • Photos of the rare P-series iPhone prototypes running Acorn OS

    The iPhone has no doubt been a crazy success since the early days. But how did the iPhone end up being such a success? Speculation, rumors and the lack of a design-first company in the market left Apple wide-open to squeeze into a already crowding market of cell phones and catalyze the smartphone industry into […]

  • LA Metro Says TAP Transit Cards May Support Apple Pay Later This Year

    According to this official tweet from LA Metro: It’s happening! It’s long been known that LA Metro has been working on upgrading its TAP system, and it’s about time. Contactless payments are clearly the future. New York City has had it for nearly a year (although, not all 472 stations support it yet). I wonder […]

  • Will Netflix survive the streaming wars?

    As Disney+, Peacock and others continue to suck up all the SVOD oxygen, will the prodigal son, Netflix survive?

  • Foxconn’s production continues to be recalled as Coronavirus takes hold

    Foxconn and the rest of Shenzhen is in serious trouble.

  • A Visual History of the iPhone’s Camera Bump

    Photo by @benjaninja8 via Imgur:

  • Stasior has an incredible resumé. A small selection of the giants he’s been stationed at include: Amazon, A9, Alta Vista, (and now Apple joins the A-list) Oracle and various positions at MIT before that. According to CNBC’s reporting, he led the growth of Apple’s machine learning initiative which wasn’t siloed to the Siri product alone: […]

  • Jony Ive Introducing Flat Panel Displays in 1997

    The long arc of flat panel display design at Apple.

  • General Magic – Trailer

    General Magic was probably the single-most important project of the 20th century. Originally spun out of an internal Apple project. The at-the-time CEO, John Sculley later joined the board of General Magic and despite Apple’s minority stake in General Magic, attempted to cannibalize their research and neuter their products: Even though the company folded shortly […]

  • Jony Ive is Leaving Apple

    From The Verge: Apple’s chief design officer Jonathan Ive is departing the company, bringing an end to a tenure spent crafting some of technology’s most influential products, including the iPhone. Ive is leaving his official role at Apple “to form an independent design company which will count Apple among its primary clients.” The company is […]