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  • ‘Parasite’ house is a custom-built film set, designed by Bong Joon-Ho and Lee Ha-Jun

    The architect is fictional. But the genius was real. The fictional Namgoong Hyeonja house is actually a custom-built film set. Designed to be flooded, controlled lighting, trap doors and features custom designed furniture.

  • Everything we know about Christopher Nolan’s time-traveling epic, ‘Tenet’

    Haven’t heard about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, Tenet? Here’s the gist: It’s an espionage film, but the plot dabbles with time-travel Not entirely a shock. According to IndieWire, Christopher Nolan has been pretty outspoken about wanting to direct a James Bond movie. It hits theaters in July 2020 Warner Brothers studio gave Nolan a $225M […]

  • Behind-the-scene Production Details in Knives Out

    I came across these wonderful, wonderful little production details for the 2019 Rian Johnson film, Knives Out. Thanks to the incredible tweets from Steve Yedlin (@steveyedlin), a seasoned cinematographer — he shared some sweet behind-the-scenes production details about the movie: That’s some very serious attention to details. These little details really add a phenomenal level […]