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  • Measurable climate change has slowly been affecting the coastlines of the Americas for several years now. That’s no secret of course. Rising coastlines, ravaging seas, devastating hurricanes, and superstorms have been battering coastal cities and don’t seem to be letting up. Even, tourist island havens have been completely wiped off the Earth. It doesn’t end […]

  • Houston is less affordable than New York City

    Housing costs might be cheaper in The Lone Star State, but when transportation costs are factored into the mix, Houston loses by a 38% higher cost margin.

  • How New York’s Bagel Boys fought and beat a mafia takeover

    An unlikely tale of The Beigel Bakers Union Local 338 fighting back the mafia stronghold on New York City’s lifeblood: the bagel.

  • Jim Shaugnessy’s 60-Year Odyssey Photographing the Evolution of the North American Railroad

    Allison Meier at Hyperallergic: “Always restless, even daring when he had to be, Shaughnessy worked hard to get in and around the railroad, in all conditions, in all settings,” writes Kevin P. Keefe, former editor-in-chief of Trains magazine, in a book essay. “If the life of a crossing watchman was important, then Shaughnessy shuddered through a subzero night […]

  • Donald Judd’s Furniture

    Donald Judd’s Furniture

    Donald Judd, was a truly wonderful artist. He was a Texan, a self-proclaimed minimalist (many attribute the term’s ubiquity and elevated definition to his contributions). He was a pioneer in fabrication methods, a prolific furniture designer, and finally an architect. Judd once purchased a beautiful cast-iron, five-story building at 101 Spring Street, in New York […]

  • Maxar’s Incredible Low-angle Photograph of NYC

    The Maxar Worldview-3 satellite is a high-resolution commercial satellite armed with an impressive 31cm panchromatic resolution DSLR camera. Kottke shared this impressive low-angle shot the camera took of NYC: Here’s a tighter crop which includes the Hudson river, East New Jersey, lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn (Prospect Park is huge!): The Maxar Worldview-3 satellite is still […]