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  • Micronations


    Very few micronations exist. Microsnations, by definition are self-proclaimed (and often unrecognized countries). Only about 67 exist, as of writing according to research from Quartz. My favorite tid-bit from Quartz’s research is the micronation Zaqistan, which is located in Utah. If you’ve ever been to Utah, you know how comical this is. There is, and […]

  • Passports Were Never Supposed to be Forever

    Unpslash: @nicolegeri Once upon a time, it was once the opinion of world leaders that passports should be abolished. Nearly a century ago, passports were a framework established to identify citizenship during times of war. It served a specific purpose, to install restrictions on freedom of movement. The consensus after the Great War, was to […]

  • The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    Per aspera ad astra 💫