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  • Interfaces, People and Machines: Good Design Goes Beyond Just Good Looks

    Interface: people, machines, design, is a new show exhibiting at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in New South Wales, Australia. From the exhibition’s description: Interface: people, machines, design explores how design has been applied to information technology products; about how a handful of companies made complicated technology appealing and easy to use. What they […]

  • A Visual History of the iPhone’s Camera Bump

    Photo by @benjaninja8 via Imgur:

  • On Facebook Portal

    On Facebook Portal

    Who is the hell would buy this… from Facebook? The company who has had a combined total of nearly 120 million users compromised in data breaches spanning 2 years — is selling a telecommunication smart-home product for the home. Wow. Just wow.

  • Prospectus, from Lost Type Co-op

    From Lost Type Co-op: pro·spec·tus: noun A document that advertises a product, service, venture, institution, or event for the purpose of attracting potential clients, investors, participants, etc. A new and bold contemporary serif typeface, with optical sizes, designed by Dave Bailey, exclusively from The Lost Type Co‑op. A lovely, light-hearted typeface. Full of spirit and […]

  • Soviet-Era Industrial Design

    Link: The Overlooked Wonders of Soviet-Era Industrial Design Phaidon has an incredible collection of design books, and they run a wonderful blog too. Atlas Obscura got their hands on a copy of Phaidon’s newest design reference, Designed in the USSR: 1950-1989. This is a pretty sweet book. I’d love to see all the space-race inspired gadgetry and appliances. […]

  • Links: April 2018

    Links: April 2018

    Time for another roundup of links! This month we have sinkholes in West Texas, a misinformation satire site called Scarfolk, a Tetris game that berates you, cool stuff from IBM and a few other goodies.

  • MVPs Are The Hair of the Dog

    There’s been an article floating around the web lately, maybe you’ve seen it. It’s time to talk about MVPs. WP Engine dissects a lot of the problems with MVPs. I have to agree overall, too often do you see entrepreneurs rushing their products only to fail disastrously. However, MVPs don’t suck. Entrepreneurs are just becoming […]