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  • From The Farnam Street Blog: The long game is the opposite of the short game, it means paying a small price today to make tomorrow’s tomorrow easier. If we can do this long enough to see the results, it feeds on itself. From the outside, the long game looks pretty boring: Saving money and investing it […]

  • David Letterman’s Paper Monuments

    It’s about what keeps us going.

  • Be the Maize God

    Be the Maize God

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the Aztecs lately. Primarily about their maize god, Centeotl. Earlier pan-Mesoamerican civilizations had different names for this highly regarded deity but he (and/or she, as it’s a hermaphroditic deity) has a great origin story. Quetzalcoatl, a shape-shifting serpent god basically stole a kernel of maize from the netherworld and gave it to […]

  • Checklists and Post-mortems

    Thoughts on routines, time-tracking, productivity, probability densities, and project post-mortems 📈

  • The Memory Remains

    The Memory Remains

    Frank Chimero, is a Brooklyn-based designer and author. He has a captivating blog and an incredible resumé. I'll spare you his backstory, but it's worth checking out. Thanks to Austin Kleon I discovered he recently interviewed with Milanote  (a fantastic blog) regarding his design process on various projects. At Chimero's own admission, this process probably won't work for […]

  • Slack Adds Actions, for Better or for Worse

    There’s a problem with Slack. It adds noise to the workplace. It has added more keystrokes to my daily tasks. It’s just another thing I have to check-in with before proceeding with an actual task at hand. It simultaneously befuddles processes, and untangles messes. Both are true. However, Slack has never been a project management tool. […]

  • Lobe


    Lobe, is a visual composer of sorts — for building, training, and exporting custom deep learning models. The interface is very Quartz Composer-esque. Check it out: If you’re in a hurry, watch from 6:12 for a walkthrough on how to create a project from scratch. Lobe is a start-up from Mike Matas, Markus Beissinger and […]

  • The Time is Now

    The Time is Now

    The best time to launch your web startup was yesterday 👏

  • Have you read this? Wow that is amazing. I’m shocked to see such a large percentage, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Because, simply put jobs can be boring. Are we seeing the dead-cat bounce of America job satisfaction? As the last tenured career prospectors of yore begin to retire or die, are more and more jobs moving into the […]

  • Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

    Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

    Recently I was asked, “Stephen are you a web designer, or a web developer?” Wait a minute. I have to choose? I can’t do a little bit of both? What are you implying? There was a lot of questions. The problem in corporate workspaces is mainly flexibility. And by flexibility I mean transmutability. Older, deep-rooted conservative organizations prefer […]