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  • Is truth really stranger than fiction? What lies beyond the expanse of mechanized knowledge?

  • The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    Per aspera ad astra 💫

  • A Generation’s Purpose

    A Generation’s Purpose

    This has been a trying week. Hell, it's been a trying year. There's a seemingly growing divide across the country that feels unending. The festering mass of populist cynicism and the slew of horrible foreign (and domestic) policy decisions feel forever damaging and there is rarely a sign of hope that things will change for […]

  • An Interview With Page France

    I really liked this interview. It’s also a shame to see this website go (thank you Internet Archive). I use to love surfing these music and band interview blogs. I was introduced to Page France at around the same time I began questioning my future, myself and my religious beliefs. You know, those formative teenage […]

  • John Carmack on Steve Jobs

    This was initially posted on Facebook, which is subject to link-rot. So in the spirit of preservation, I thought I would share it here verbatim: Steve Jobs My wife once asked me “Why do you drop what you are doing when Steve Jobs asks you to do something? You don’t do that for anyone else.” […]

  • From The (Previously) Richest Man In the World

    From 2010 through 2013, Carlos Slim Helú held the title as the wealthiest man on Earth. Briefly overtaking Bill Gates title was a big deal at the time. Slim has a storied career. He grew his wealth investing in wide variety of Mexican industries when no one else would: construction, soft drink companies, printing, real […]