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  • If you have been living under a rock, Texas recently had a historic snowstorm system decimate its poorly regulated infrastructure. It’s estimated that millions of Texans had pipes bursts, flooding, and countless more experienced blackouts for more than 48 hours. Some regions experienced below 0º conditions. Devastating as it was, I was entranced to see […]

  • Close-up photos of Jupiter’s polar vortexes and dancing storms

    Take a look at some of the most mesmerizing photos of Jupiter yet —transmitted from Juno, the little orbiter that could.

  • “Raspbaby Yoda” Raspberry Pie

    I hope you’ve been following The Mandalorian on Disney+. Wether you have (or have not) seen the show yet, matters not. All you need to know is, Baby Yoda, (or as he is officially known, The Child) is pretty much the cutest thing ever to grace the Star Wars universe. What happens when you combine […]

  • The Palm Leaf Grasshopper

    The Palm Leaf Grasshopper

    I thought this was pretty cool! This is a palm leaf grasshopper! There’s much discussion in the Reddit thread about the material, origin, and proper Japanese nomenclature. Typical and to be expected of any high-quality Reddit post honestly — however, one user in particular commented a web archive link to something extraordinary. An old, MS-painted tutorial on […]

  • Be On Fire

    Be On Fire

    I’ve been listening to Chrome Sparks for years now. Pretty much ever since his Bandcamp hit, Marijuana was featured on a viral video of a cat that swept Reddit like a wildfire in 2014. Those were good times. His newest EP, is pretty fantastic. It’s not a wild departure or anything, but I can tell that his […]

  • A Generation’s Purpose

    A Generation’s Purpose

    This has been a trying week. Hell, it's been a trying year. There's a seemingly growing divide across the country that feels unending. The festering mass of populist cynicism and the slew of horrible foreign (and domestic) policy decisions feel forever damaging and there is rarely a sign of hope that things will change for […]

  • Reddit Surpasses Facebook in Popularity

    Reddit just passed Facebook as #3 most popular website in the US. 🏆