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  • Our closest red supergiant, Betelgeuse will become a violent and bright supernova soon(ish)

    The edge of an interstellar cloud encroaches on the star while it prepares to explode as a supernova.

  • Lab-grown Meats will be the future

    Chase Purdy at Quartz writes: On Oct. 7, it was announced that astronauts on the International Space Station had successfully grown their own meat from microscopic animal cells, using a process called cell-culturing. The bit of cow muscle they produced was small, but it was a historic accomplishment nonetheless. The ISS project was part of a joint venture […]

  • Dennis Muilenburg Fired From Boeing Amid 737 Max Crisis

    The New York Times reports: The company has been mired in the worst crisis in its 103-year history since the crashes of two 737 Max jets killed 346 people. The plane has been grounded since March, and Boeing has faced cascading delays as it tries to return the Max to the air.  The company said David Calhoun, the […]

  • From NBCNews: An asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower hurtled past Earth early on Saturday at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour, missing us by 4.6 million miles — not quite a close shave, but not so far in astronomical terms. Had the fast-moving space rock, dubbed 2006 QQ23, been following a different trajectory, […]

  • The NYTimes Astronomy Space Calendar

    Sync your calendar with the solar system! 🔭🌖

  • The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    The Onizuka Soccer Ball

    Per aspera ad astra 💫

  • Our Patch of Dirt

    Our Patch of Dirt

    In cosmological terms, we exist as an exception to the rule. The rule (as far as we know as I’m writing this at least), is their is no life beyond Earth. But somehow, billions of years ago, by shear dumb luck, soupy primordial proteins assembled amidst the backdrop of chaos. They wiggled themselves into a […]