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  • Travis Kalanick Sells Remaining Uber Shares, Leaving Board

    After selling more than $2B of his shares, Travis Kalanick has severed his final ties to Uber. The New York Times reports: Travis Kalanick, the founder and former chief executive of Uber, has stepped down from the company’s board of directors, severing his last tie with the company.  Mr. Kalanick, 43, started the Uber in […]

  • Duolingo Earns $100M in Annual Bookings, Raises $30M from Alphabet

    Duolingo’s Premium subscription offering, which launched in 2017, has contributed to a meteoric increase in annual bookings. It continues to invest more and more R&D into AI and machine learning to power its tutoring software and growth. Duolingo raised some serious money from Alphabet bringing the total valuation of the charming Pittsburgh startup, to roughly […]

  • Poolside.fm


    It’s pretty rare these sorts of websites exist anymore, but here we are in 2019 and poolside.fm has me completely captivated. In my opinion, the same advice given to athletes, goes for websites, apps and startups too: Do one thing, really well. Poolside.fm does one thing very well indeed. Emulating a very specific aesthetic. Observe: […]

  • Looking for startup ideas? 🤔

  • Thoughts on Microsoft Acquiring Github

    The Octocat is dead, long live the Octocat.

  • Lobe


    Lobe, is a visual composer of sorts — for building, training, and exporting custom deep learning models. The interface is very Quartz Composer-esque. Check it out: If you’re in a hurry, watch from 6:12 for a walkthrough on how to create a project from scratch. Lobe is a start-up from Mike Matas, Markus Beissinger and […]