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  • Will Netflix survive the streaming wars?

    As Disney+, Peacock and others continue to suck up all the SVOD oxygen, will the prodigal son, Netflix survive?

  • “Raspbaby Yoda” Raspberry Pie

    I hope you’ve been following The Mandalorian on Disney+. Wether you have (or have not) seen the show yet, matters not. All you need to know is, Baby Yoda, (or as he is officially known, The Child) is pretty much the cutest thing ever to grace the Star Wars universe. What happens when you combine […]

  • Kinsey Grant for Morning Brew: HBO Max, the streaming service AT&T’s WarnerMedia revealed yesterday, is paying a reported $425 million for the exclusive rights for Friends when the show’s deal with Netflix expires in 2020. At least Monica can finally afford that apartment on her own. AT&T, though, can’t afford to watch other heavyweights like Disney and NBC invest […]

  • You ever wonder why bombshell shows like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Get Down or any of the other shows get cancelled after 2 or 3 seasons? Charlie Ridgely at comicbook.com writes: To put it plainly: New shows are cheaper. When a series launches, everyone involved gets paid a certain amount of money. After two […]