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  • Trump Administration Drops Plan to Strip Visas From Foreign Students in Online Classes Amidst Lawsuits

    Multiple lawsuits have put pressure on the racist Trump Administration to change their ad hoc policy on US Visas during the pandemic

  • Sonos is bricking old devices with ‘Recycled Mode’

    Chris Welch reporting at The Verge writes: Late last week, Sonos was called out on Twitter by Devin Wilson for its practices around sustainability. The company drew particular attention for a “Recycle Mode” software feature that, once activated, begins a countdown that eventually renders older Sonos devices basically inoperable. Recycle Mode is part of the trade-up program that […]

  • Away CEO Steph Korey Replaced After Verge Investigation

    Zoe Schiffer, at The Verge writes: Away CEO Steph Korey is stepping down, just four days after an investigation from The Verge highlighted the company’s toxic culture. Korey, one of the luggage brand’s co-founders, will be replaced with former Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden, though Korey will still continue on as executive chairman. Stuart Haselden has impressive credentials. For […]

  • PlayStation Turns 25

    PlayStation Turns 25

    The single largest innovator in the video gaming space just turned 25 year old today. Before the PlayStation came around, controllers were bulky, console felt like outcasts in your entertainment center. Joysticks felt clumsy, games were mainly sold in cartridges. Sony brought a whole new edge to the at-home entertainment system market. From The Verge: […]

  • The Motorola RAZR is Back

    The Motorola RAZR is Back

    Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge reports: The hinge is also a bit stiff so you won’t be able to just whip it open with a flick of a wrist — closing it with one hand also involves some more finger contortions to start the closing action. It’s just more practical to close it with your […]

  • Best Buy’s Rebranding Nightmare

    What a monumental branding failure 🤦‍♂️