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  • LA Metro Says TAP Transit Cards May Support Apple Pay Later This Year

    According to this official tweet from LA Metro: It’s happening! It’s long been known that LA Metro has been working on upgrading its TAP system, and it’s about time. Contactless payments are clearly the future. New York City has had it for nearly a year (although, not all 472 stations support it yet). I wonder […]

  • New site, who dis

    New site, who dis

    It was about damn time.

  • Rules for writing great Science Fiction scripts

    Great writing begins with creative constraints, and removing all the clichés (among other tips).

  • Sonos is bricking old devices with ‘Recycled Mode’

    Chris Welch reporting at The Verge writes: Late last week, Sonos was called out on Twitter by Devin Wilson for its practices around sustainability. The company drew particular attention for a “Recycle Mode” software feature that, once activated, begins a countdown that eventually renders older Sonos devices basically inoperable. Recycle Mode is part of the trade-up program that […]

  • Behind-the-scene Production Details in Knives Out

    I came across these wonderful, wonderful little production details for the 2019 Rian Johnson film, Knives Out. Thanks to the incredible tweets from Steve Yedlin (@steveyedlin), a seasoned cinematographer — he shared some sweet behind-the-scenes production details about the movie: That’s some very serious attention to details. These little details really add a phenomenal level […]

  • The Silver Lining of Climate Change

    It’s pretty rare to come across shards of optimism nowadays. The internet has made me (and probably you too) quite the skeptic. However, this quick-cut of audio lifted from the After On podcast, features an interesting take on climate change from Stewart Brand, Editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. The theory goes: if it wasn’t […]

  • Twitter surfaces some of the strangest things. Behold, the original movie poster for Road Trip emerging like Han Solo from carbonite. 20 years of subway ads, rail dust and grime.

  • Just unbelievably beautiful.

  • On Dark DIY Videos

    Have you seen this video? Or, perhaps something, like this before? Yeah, same. Feel kinda weird, huh? Does it feel familiar? That’s Dark DIY for ya. It’s exploiting a familiar and common video format. Max Read for New York Magazine explains: How does that video make you feel? It makes me feel … baffled? Unsettled? […]

  • General Magic – Trailer

    General Magic was probably the single-most important project of the 20th century. Originally spun out of an internal Apple project. The at-the-time CEO, John Sculley later joined the board of General Magic and despite Apple’s minority stake in General Magic, attempted to cannibalize their research and neuter their products: Even though the company folded shortly […]