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  • Joywave’s, “Obsession” music video features incredible fictional movie title screens

    An homage to a century of filmmaking. The Video was created and produced by Laura Gorun Cooper Roussel & Dimitri Basil

  • No, not the video game. I wish we were talking about a space-invading alien crisis. Instead, we’re talking about financial crisis. I won’t lie either, the video below is a bit of a bore. Nothing is more boring that two older white men talking about 200 years of financial dismay in a slow tempo. But […]

  • Exit 12: Moved by War

    A remarkable and moving Staff Pick. Directed by Staff Pick creative alumni, Even/Odd and Mohammad Gorjestani and commissioned by Square, Inc. If you ask me, dance is the perfect medium to capture, distill and convey the depth of tragedy, complexity and sadness of war and loss. I just love this quote from Román Baca, the […]

  • Arena

    A film from Páraic McGloughlin. His short-film was voted Best of the Month earlier this year. While it’s not my favorite video for 2018, it really stood out. From the video’s description: A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground – Arena. Created […]

  • Mid90s Trailer

    Mid90s Trailer

    From Miles Surrey at The Ringer: Hill said in 2016 that while making a coming-of-age drama is a cliché in and of itself, he’s hoping to give fans a skateboarding movie that avoids the “’80s cowabunga kind of trope,” and instead takes cues from the films that inspired him to tackle the subgenre, like This Is England and Kids. […]

  • Greenpeace Ecosystem

    Greenpeace Ecosystem

    Elliot Lim is a freelance director, designer, and animator based in the Bay Area. Elliot has a wide and varied resumé of work (some notables include HBO, FX, AT&T, and Jarritos). While jumping around a bit on Vimeo this morning, I found some of his handiwork. This short in particular was completed for Greenpeace was […]

  • Farewell – ETAOIN SHRDLU

    The entire process of breaking a story and getting it to print is just bonkers. It’s hard to fathom making such deadlines today, let alone 40 years ago. Over the July 4th weekend of 1978, the New York Times switched from a Linotype typesetting process to phototypesetting (or cold-typesetting). Filmmakers Carl Schlesinger and David Loeb Weiss were there to document […]

  • Something Like Home

    Something Like Home

    From the description: Something Like Home is a Duolingo documentary about the impact of language and education on the lives of Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan. Over the years, thousands of people have written to us with stories of learning a new language in order to find a sense of identity, of safety, of […]

  • 99 Locations of New York

    99 Locations of New York

    I’ve been a New Yorker for about 2 years now, and while I’ve barely scratched the surface exploring this town — it is most certainly replete with annoyance, anxiety, humor, mystery, romance and among other things, meditation. The geography of sounds here are boundless and seemingly amorphous from week-to-week. Commercial and Music Video Director Menzkie […]

  • Thoughts on IGTV

    Thoughts on IGTV

    Video is a huge driving force on this planet. We’ve had so many huge moments in history captured by it. The moon landing, the Challenger Disaster, OKGO’s Treadmill Music Video, and of course 9/11. Which in its own right was of huge historical significance — it was probably the most-watched event in history thanks to […]