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  • This is how you change perception. From the ground, up. The award winning physicist Dr. Jess Wade is fighting the good fight. From the New York Times: Fewer than 20 percent of biographies on Wikipedia in English are of women, according to Women in Red, Wikipedia’s gender gap-bridging project. Jessica Wade, a British physicist troubled by that number, made […]

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    The Yukon seems nice.

  • On this blog, I rant a lot about the health of the web. Today, is no different. The Internet Archive is doing the lord’s work (if you will). Wikipedia, a champion of the web, is expectedly cut from the same cloth. Both non-profits, run a tight ship catalyzed by their bootstraps, bleeding-edge technology and undoubtedly some of the […]

  • Revisiting Card UIs

    Revisiting Card UIs

    User interface patterns have evolved quite a bit. Or have they?