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  • Mondo releases an Original MSX2 Metal Gear Video Game Soundtrack 10″

    Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Original Artwork by Paul Mann. Stealthy.

  • Microsoft Announces New Next-gen Console, Xbox Series X

    Pretty big announcement from Microsoft happened yesterday. Tom Warren for The Verge reports: Microsoft has been working on Xbox Series X under the name Project Scarlett previously, and today’s naming follows confirmation from Sony that it’s choosing PlayStation 5 for the name of its next console. Microsoft is also claiming Xbox Series X will be the “fastest” and […]

  • Accessible Gaming with the Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Microsoft has really stepped their game up. It’s clear that Microsoft has really struggled with an identity problem. Are they a software company? Are they a hardware company? What’s their core focus?  Amidst the chaotic soul-searching, Microsoft has continued to outdo themselves in the gaming arena. The Xbox, an undefeatable goliath has seemingly persistent success […]