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  • Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams will reprise role of Lando Calrissian in new Disney+ Star Wars Story

    That’s right! You heard right! You are not day-dreaming. This has been a life-long dream come true for me. Lando is one of my favorite characters, and was given such little screen time in the original trilogy, and the Solo film. Well, I’m so happy to announce that Disney+ is bringing Lando his own Star […]

  • John Krasinski breaking character on The Office

    The Office was pure gold. The Jim Halpert and Michael Scott characters were the unstoppable dyads in the series. Behind the scenes, when the comedy dam breaks, John Krasinski’s laughter is contagious as the flu. I love hearing Steve Carell completely lose it over Krasinski’s wincing high-pitched giggles and his explosive belly laughter explode like […]

  • How Baseballs Are Made

    How Baseballs Are Made

    From the winding of twine around the rubbery-core, to the wrapping of the stretched leather, to the hand-sewn red stitching — it’s a miraculous process to behold. Kind of romantic that they’re still hand-sewn nowadays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBr2tR5pjrE

  • Every Two Weeks, a Language Dies

    Nina Strochlic at National Geographic writes: Between 1950 and 2010, 230 languages went extinct, according to the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger. Today, a third of the world’s languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers left. Every two weeks a language dies with its last speaker, 50 to 90 percent of them are predicted to disappear by the next century. […]

  • On Dark DIY Videos

    Have you seen this video? Or, perhaps something, like this before? Yeah, same. Feel kinda weird, huh? Does it feel familiar? That’s Dark DIY for ya. It’s exploiting a familiar and common video format. Max Read for New York Magazine explains: How does that video make you feel? It makes me feel … baffled? Unsettled? […]

  • We’re in the midst of a pod-renaissance. Not a collapse. Sure, yeah some companies *cough* BuzzFeed *cough* are shuttering their podcast studios and packing up because well, it’s like running a You’veTube channel or getting into oil prospecting. Sometimes you win, and sometime you lose. BuzzFeed knows this. They live by the sword, and die by […]

  • Thoughts on IGTV

    Thoughts on IGTV

    Video is a huge driving force on this planet. We’ve had so many huge moments in history captured by it. The moon landing, the Challenger Disaster, OKGO’s Treadmill Music Video, and of course 9/11. Which in its own right was of huge historical significance — it was probably the most-watched event in history thanks to […]