I’m currently living in New York City. I was born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I help startups, agencies, and friends of the web connect with users. I’ve been a developer, engineer, gamer, art student, manager, barista, adviser and brother. Sometimes, I write. Other times, I blog right here. Currently, I’m a Sr. Front-end Engineer at the NBA on the Connected Devices team. Previously, I was at Vimeo.

I enjoy working with honest folks, and solving challenging problems. I graduated from The University of North Texas in 2014. I studied Interdisciplinary Art & Design, and created my first website in 2010. I’ve been building web apps, interfaces and toying with CSS ever since.

I prefer writing JavaScript, React Typescript, and good ol PHP. You can check out my GitHub projects here. Sometimes I contribute to a few repos that are important to the WordPress community such as Jetpack, Sage, Trellis Action, and more. I tweet occasionally. I post photos here, and catalog my bookmarks here.

Portrait of me, taken by Leah Constantine at The Met Breuer before it closed its doors forever 😢

Want to get in touch? Have a question? Got some feedback? Shoot me an email here. See ya around the saloon, pardner 🤠